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Friday, June 7, 2013

PTA and Mobile Operator Companies Are Promoting Terrorism by proliferating Illegally Issued Mobile SIMs

The sorry state of Pakistan and the mess created by previous government in the name of Bhutto and Bibi portray that Pakistani is a Banana State where there is no rule of law.During five year rule of PPP government led by Asif Ali Zardari Pakistan has not only declined economically but also almost all government institutions like PIA,WAPDA,Steel Mills,OGRA and NEPRA etc.have been destroyed very badly.In this regard PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) is no exception either.Mobile Operator companies have no rules of business and they do not bother to follow any business ethics either;in this regard Mobilink is the worst company which damn cares about any business ethics.
PTA is a regulating authority whose role is to monitor and control the telecom companies to facilitate the  subscribers of these companies and make these companies comply with the rules of business set by the Government in Pakistan.In case of any violation of business ethics and rules on the part of the telecom companies doing business in Pakistan,it is the ultimate responsibility of PTA to set these companies right.But it seems,like other corrupt government institutions,PTA officials have been too busy with corruption and undermining the Telecom Sector in Pakistan to think about the rights of telecom subscribers.
The mechanism of buying a new SIM and getting it activated from mobile operator is so flawed that it supports terrorists and trouble makers to easily misuse mobile SIMs and remain scot free after using that SIM in any crime;only the person whose NIC has been misused by mobile operator companies and criminals would have to bear the brunt of all the misdeeds of criminals.Mobile SIM dealers and Mobile Operator companies only demand a photocopy of NIC to issue dozens of SIMs to any person on that NIC. They do not need any signature or thumb impression or other foolproof verifiication to issue and activate the SIM.As far as the information required to get that SIM activated is concerned the mobile phone operator companies have access to that information which they can easily leak out and misuse to sell their SIMs and to illegally increase the number of their subscribers.Apart from this Mobile Phone Operator companies can even bribe NADRA officials to given them NIC data and misuse that information to their benefits to accelerate the sale of illegally issued SIMs and increase the number of subscribers.
I have seen many such cases where the person has no knowledge of how many SIMs are active in his name on his ID Card.Though PTA has started an SMS based service to let you about the number of different SIMs active in your name.But this service is not sufficient to control the proliferation of illegally issued and active SIMs.PTA need to do much more in this regard.

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