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Monday, September 2, 2013

Ninety Days Performance of Nawaz Sharif Government

Before coming into government,during his election campaigns,Nawaz Sharif and his party leaders had made tall claims to change the fate of the masses of Pakistan.But 90 days performance of Nawaz government proves that Nawaz Sharif has given nothing to the masses of Pakistan except inflation and deteriorating law and order and has only added to their miseries by levying heavy taxes.Not only this,he has badly made Pakistani Nation lose its prestige before India.He is behaving as if he is afraid of India and his only purpose to come into power is to please India.Here  is an Infographic showing 90 days performance of Nawaz Sharif Governent :

India is continuously violating our Line Of Control and unproved firing incidents by Indian Forces on Pakisani territory have become a routine but Nawaz Sharif Govenment is behaving like a humble slave of India who lacks courage to face india with prestige and confidence even on diplomatic front.
Here is a video in which Hassan Nisar is doing a post-mortem of performance of PMLN Government:
Hassan Nisar doing post mortem of PMLN Government
Nawaz League is equally resposnible for the corruption,bad governance and anti-state policies of the past five years of governement of PPP as Nawaz League not only played the role of a subservient opposition,whose sole agenda was to support the corruption and bad governanace of Zardari led PPP government,but also Nawaz League was ruling over the biggest provicne of Pakistan,which comprises almost 65% of the population of Pakistan.Had Nawaz League ever played the role of a true and real opposition to PPP goverenmnet of Zardari,Pakistan would have been in a much better condition than today.
Pakistani people are actually reaping the harvest of the friendly and shameless opposition Nawaz-League,which,during five year tenure of Zardari-led PPP government,never played any postive role other than to sereve as ahumble slave of Asif Ali Zardari,whose sole purpose was to facilitate and prolong the corrupt democratic rule of Asif Ali Zardari in the name so called democracy.
Perhaps,Zardari-led PPP government has been the most corrupt and the most anti-state government in the history of Paksiatn whose cohort,Nawaz-League,was the most shameless and the most subservient opposition,which lacked moral scruples and loyalty to the people of Pakistan.That's why many poltical analysts claim that Nawaz-League has been rewarded with this governent by foreign and local king-makers only beacuse of its shameless role as an opposition to Zardari-led PPP Government.

Actually for their personal gains and personal interests Nawaz Sharif and Zardari are united and they seem least concerned with the miseries of a common man in Pakistan.They are fooling and looting people of Pakistan in the name of Democracy .

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