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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shahrukh Jatoi Case Proves : If You have Wealth and Power,You Can Stay Scot Free in Pakistan After Killing Anyone

Shahrukh Jatoi who had murdered Shahzeb for no reason has been pardoned by the family of deceased Shahzeb.Media and other souces are claiming that Shahzeb's parents have been threatened and forced by Shahrukh Jatoi's family to pardon Shahrukh Jatoi.The only fault of Shahzeb was that he belonged to a middle class family and he dared to protect her sister from molestation of hooligan Shahrukh Jatoi,who is no less than a beast,who takes pride in his wealth and power.

Pakistani Civil society and social media activists had raised their voice against this heinous crime but to no avail.Perhaps it would not be wrong to say that in Pakistan if you have money and connections with influential circles of Pakistan,you can stay scot free after murdering anybody without any valid reason.
Here views of Hassan Nisar on Murder of Shahzeb by Shahrukh Jatoi:

Hassan Nisar's Views on Shahrukh Jatoi Case by awaztoday101
This sorry state of law and order portrays that Pakistan is a Banana State where there is no rule of law.Money can buy anything you like in Pakistan.

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