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Monday, March 31, 2014

A Woman's Stolen Facebook Pictures used in Ads for Prositition

Facebook has numerous issues related with privacy,security and identity theft.Ladies who share their pictures freely on Facebook would be shocked to know that their pictures shared on Facebook can be easily exploited and misused in illegal and immoral business activities like online advertising for prostitution and dating.Here is a real story of woman named Dallas Miller who suddenly found out that her personal Facebook pictures are being used in online advertising for prostitution.Dallas Miller,who is 21 years old and resident of Whites Creek,Tennessee, is definitely not a prostitute.
Miller,told ABC affiliate that she certainly did not create or post that ad on the Web. Instead, she says almost a dozen of her photographs were stolen off her Facebook page and used in prostitution advertisements on the free ad-listing site

"It's been tough," Miller,told the news outlet of the experience,"I definitely feel victimized." has reportedly removed the ads from its site.After Miller's story hit the headlines this week, netizens stepped forward to offer support for the young woman.

Others pointed out how Miller's experience should be a wake-up call to anyone who doesn't takes their online security seriously.

To know more about this story you can visit the websites provided in the sources below.

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