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Monday, March 10, 2014

Ansar Abbasi's Views on Drought in Tharpakar Sindh and Criminal Negligence of PPP led Government of Sindh

According to Journalist Ansar Abbasi deaths of of hundreds of children due to drought in Tharparkar Sindh is actually because of the criminal negligence,bad governance and incompetence of PPP led Sindh Government,which cares more about wasting money on cultural festivals and simply gives a damn to spend money to feed and save the lives of the poor masses of Sindh.
Ansar Abbasi 
Perhaps people like Bilawal,Asif Zardari,Qaim Ali Shah and Sharjeel Memon are no less cruel and callous than the Pharaohs of ancient egypt. Still despite all these deaths and miseries that people of Tharparkar have to suffer because of these shameless politicians, Qaim Ali Shah and Sharjeel Memom are blaming media for exaggerating the issue which they think is simply a routine matter.Perhaps neither do these politicians believe in God not they have any fear of GOD.

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