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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Drought In Tharparpar Sindh - A Proof of Hypocratical and Falsehood of 'Roti,Kapra and Makaan' ((Food,Clothing and Housing for the masses)) Slogan of PPP of Bilawal and Asif Zardari

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) which has been a very strong proponent of providing basic necessities of life to the masses in Pakistan by chanting slogans of 'Roti,Kapra and Makaan'  (Food,Clothing and Housing for the masses) has badly failed the expectations of people of Tharparkar in Sindh who might have voted for PPP led by Bilawal Zardari and Asif Ali Zardari.The recent wave of drought has badly hit the residents of Tharparkar Sindh.

PPP led Sindh Government has billions of rupees for organizing cultural festivals just to please Bilawal Zardari but it cares a damn about the poor people of Tharparkar dying of drought.If the money wasted on childish desires of Bilawal had been spent on the welfare of people of Sindh,the people of Tharparkar might not have ever been struck by the drought.It seems like welfare of people of Sindh in particular and welfare of people of Pakistan in general is the least concern for the leadership of PPP.
According to different media reports about 1.1 million people have been affected by the drought and about 0.1 million people have migrated due to drought.Drought has not only affected human population but also livestock has been affected badly.Hundreds of children and animals have died because of this famine. 
It seems like Bilawal and Asif Zardari only believe in fooling people of Pakistan in the name of Bhutto and Benazir and they have least concern for the real welfare and prosperity of the people of Pakistan.They think that they can fool people by  just chanting slogans like 'Jeay Bhutto' and 'Zinda Hai BB' without actually delivering any thing good for them.
I really wonder for how long people would be fooled by political vampires like Zardari,Qaim Ali Shah and many more like them in the name of false idols like Bhutto,BB and linguistic bigotry.Qaim Ali Shah seems to be such a shameless person that instead of admitting the failure of his Government to provide the people of Thar with basic facilities and commodities of life,he is claiming that deaths in Thar due to famine are actually a conspiracy against his provincial Government. I think the incident of deaths in Thar due to famine and drought are the worst example of bad Governance and criminal negligence.

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