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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jang Group and Geo TV Seem to be an Instrument and Ally of India working Agaisnt Pakistan

I,as a common man of Pakistan,has observed that Geo TV has always promoted news of anarchy and Indian culture.Seems like Geo TV and Jang Group are a staunch worshiper of Indian Culture and India.Geo TV has always promoted Indian culture on its channels by giving much coverage to indian dance shows and trivial news about Indian actors.The recent incident of attack on Hamid Mir and subsequent blaming of ISI by Jang Group seem to prove that Geo TV is working against interests of Pakistan and Pakistani people.
The recent wave of accusations against ISI by Geo TV and Mir family shows that Geo TV is doing this on instructions of India to defame Pakistan Army.Geo TV has no right to blame anyone without proof.There must be some ethical norms of journalism that Pakistani Media should follow.Geo TV and its anchors like Hamid Mir and Kamran Khan who seem to be more loyal to India than Pakistan try to pose that the whole Pakistani Nation is foolish and they have some supernatural knowledge and they know what no one else in Pakistan knows.It seems like Jang group's agenda is to promote anarchy in Pakistan and prove to the world that Pakistan is a failed state by highlighting weaknesses and negative aspects of Pakistan and playing good aspects of Pakistan before Pakistani people and international community to degrade Pakistan and Pakistani people.
Jang group should behave like a responsible news group and should follow ethics of journalism.It should abstain from working against interests of Pakistan and should not promote Indian culture and values.Geo TV promotes indian culture and obscenity in Indian movies as if Geo TV is a worshiper and torch bearer of Indian culture and Indian Ideology.
Another proof of Geo TV being patronized and supported by India is the letter  written by BJP politician Yashvant Senha to PM Nawaz Sharif in favor of Geo TV.

Upon learning about Pakistani government considering the options to ban Jang Group and Geo the Godfather of Geo News and Jang group i.e. India has extended its political,moral  and diplomatic support to Geo and Jang group.
Right after attack on Hamid Mir Geo news and its Indian media allies had started blaming ISI and Pakistani agencies without any solid proof.It seems like sole agenda of Geo News and Jang Group is to harm and defame pakistan.I think Jang group and other media groups which are working against the interests of Pakistan should be banned in Pakistan.
It seems like the owner of Geo TV and Jang Group is following the foot steps of Traitor Mir Jaffar Sadiq notorious for his cunning nature and disloyalty towards his own nation in the history of Indo-Pak.such people suffer from inferiority complex and worship money.They can go to any length even selling their mothers for their personal gains. 
I really wonder why BJP is so much concerned about Geo TV and Hamid Mir?Perhaps Hamid Mir and Geo TV are their loyal servants.The most fitting response to this concern of BJP for Geo and Hamid Mir is what Asad Umar of PTI has said in his tweet:
I think India should be more concerned about human right violations and ban on media in Indian Occupied Kashmir than worrying about Geo TV.People of Pakistan can better decide how to deal with traitors like Geo TV and Jang Group.

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