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Monday, July 28, 2014

Hopes for Generation of Cheap Electricity Seem to End in Smoke

Nawaz Government's claims for production of cheap electricity only seem to be political gimmicks.Pakistan is a country rich in solar energy in the form of sunlight.In most of the areas of the country solar irradiation is available almost throughout the year,that's why cheap electricity generation through sun light is the most attractive solution for generation of electricity in Pakistan that can serve as one of the major sources of renewable energy.
With availability of low cost Chinese solar panels,batteries and other solar equipment in the market for solar power generation,solar power sector has great potentials for growth in Pakistan.But Nawaz Sharif government due to its short-sightedness and lack of interest in solving energy crisis in Pakistan is shutting doors on development of this sector in Pakistan.Or may be they just want to fleece the poor and middle classes of the society to benefit the privileged class of the society by selling much more expensive electricity generated by thermal power plants,running on furnace oil, to the people of Pakistan through which they could earn commissions for piling up wealth by unfair means.

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According to dawn news the federal government has imposed 32.5 percent tax on import of solar power generation products and equipment.This will simply snub the growth of solar power sector and it will become pretty difficult to benefit from the naturally available source of energy in Pakistan.
Solar power provides a low cost solution to meet the energy demands of the people living in remote and far-flung areas of Pakistan where grid power is not available.But government seems to bent on snatching this facility from the people of Pakistan by imposing heavy taxes on solar power sector.I think government should facilitate this sector by lowering taxes and duties on import of solar equipment and solar power products so that this naturally available source of energy may be channelized at low cost for welfare of the people of Pakistan.In addition to exemption in taxes to this sector government should also set up local industry in collaboration in with private sector for production of low cost solar panels and solar power equipment so that the country may become self-sufficient in generation of electricity by harnessing solar energy.
The non-sense vision of this government is evident from the recent statement of PMLN minister for power Khawaja Asif in which he has appealed people to pray for rain as government is unable to meet energy demands.If people have to depend only on prayers for their energy needs then these Noora Brothers (Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif) have no right to remain in power to run the government.They have money to waste on worthless projects like metro,yellow cab scheme and laptop scheme but they don't have money for power generation.
According to Ahsan Iqal PMLN's federal minister for Planning and Development the government has no money for power generation.It seems like this government still believe that they are living in age of 90s when people had limited access to information, and sources of communication and information were quite limited and government could easily control media and sources of information according to their political interests.
If government is really sincere in resolving energy crisis in Pakistan then Sharif brothers must revisit their policy to so spend tax money according to the priorities of the people of Pakistan not according to their own priorities.
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I think instead of wasting money on projects like Metro Bus,laptop scheme and yello cab scheme, government should focus on generation of power and revival of industry on war-footing so that new employment opportunities may be created and real economic growth of country may set in.Power generation has become a core issue of Pakistan which needs immediate solution.

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