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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dr. Ruth Pfau - Pakistan's Mother Tresa

Dr. Ruth Pfau is a German doctor who devoted 50 years of her life fighting leprosy in Pakistan.she's also known as Pakistan's Mother Tresa because of her humanitarian services to People of Pakistan to root out leprosy from Pakistan.Her full name is Dr. Ruth Katherina Martha Pfau.She was born in Leipzig,Germany on 9 September 1929.She's a German nun and a member of the Society of Daughters of the Heart of Mary.

Dr. Ruth Pfau - The Mother Tresa of Pakistan

In 1949 she studied medicine at Mainz.Feeling unsatisfied with her life and with a desire to do something more purposeful in her life she joined a catholic order.Finally in 1960 Dr. Ruth decided to dedicate her life to the welfare of people Pakistan by fighting against leprosy in Pakistan. 
Before 1960,thousands of patients of leprosy were present in Pakistan and there was no cure for leprosy in Pakistan.As it is a contagious disease so the patients of leprosy were forced to live miserably outside the cities like outcasts where they used to have no option to return to normal life expect waiting for death from leprosy or to commit suicide.Dr. Ruth proved to be an angel of blessing for such poor people suffering from leprosy.
I think,she's one of those great people in the history of mankind who selflessly devote their lives to serving humanity without any interest for fame or personal benefits and without any discrimination of race,religion and geographical boundaries.Their sole purpose in life seems to serve humanity with full devotion and dedication.Such people really deserve great respect and honor.

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