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Friday, March 20, 2015

Nearly Fool Proof Phishing Attempt on internet banking Account

Phishing is the a fraudulent way to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money) by pretending or appearing to be a trustworthy entity in an electronic or internet communication.
With proliferation of land-line and wireless internet though it has become easy for a common man to access information with just a click of a mouse button but internet has its downside too. As news ways of doing business through internet have evolved so have the ways of doing fraud through internet thrived.A common man who is not much familiar with technicalities of computer and internet can fall an easy prey to hackers and crackers who use their knowledge and skills negatively to cheat on common people to trick them into losing their money and personal information.
Although cyber and information security is rapidly becoming mature and advanced with evolution of computer and internet technology but still internet has a lot of loopholes that require much research and development on the part of cyber security experts and Information Technologists.
In this blog post,I am presenting a case of phisihing attempt on internet banking account which looks quite real for a common man to be easily trapped into.
A screenshot of the email is shown in Figure 1 below:

Figure 1 : Screenshot of email
The email address that this email was appearing to come from is :

This email also contained an attachment and the screenshot of attachment is shown in Figure 2 below:
Figure 2 : Screenshot of Attached File
If you click on the web-link provided in the email or in the attached file you will see the following webpage ,shown in Figure 3, which looks exactly like the web page allied bank.
Figure 3 : Screenshot of Fake Web Page of Allied Bank
This is web page has been very skilfully developed to look like original web page of Allied Bank.At first site it looks exactly like the original web page of Allied Bank. However,you you keenly observe the web page,you will notice that the address bar of the web page is showing some web address which is not the web address of the Allied Bank.This fake web page of Allied bank is actually hosted on a Russian Web site 'courch,ru'.This web address reveals that this is actually a fake web page of Allied Bank developed by those people who are trying to steal the password of your net banking account through phishing attempt.
However,it is to be noted that this web page has now been deleted from that russian website.Now if you click on the web link provided in that hoax email you will see the following web page shown in Figure 4:
Figure 4 : Screenshot of website with Fake Page removed
This Figure 4 shows that the page you clicked on in your email does not exist now.Figure 3 shows the when the fake web page of Allied Bank was still hosted on the Russian Website ''.
If you actually type the address '',you will see the following web page shown in Figure 5.
Figure 5: Screenshot of First Page of Original Website
Clicking on the Proceed Button will take you to the following web page shown in Figure 6:
Figure 6 : Screenshot of Second Page of Original Website
Dates being displayed in these figures are old for the reason that these dates display the day when screenshots of these web pages were taken.It is evident from the actual web page of Allied Bank that in address bar of the actual web page web address is different from that of the fake web page of Allied Bank that was developed by fraudsters to do phishing attempt.So while visiting any website always note the web address appearing in the address bar of the website to ascertain that you are actually visiting the original website.


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