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Friday, November 30, 2012

Hooliganism of WAPDA (IESCO) Officials

Almost two years ago in 2010,when I was living in I-10/2,Islamabad, I happened to have a very bad experience with officials of IESCO. It was about one PM in the noon, when someone rang the door bell of my house. The bell was rung so violently at such a pace that I got the impression that either my house was being raided by police with my arrest warrants or my house was being attacked by criminals or some very ill mannered person was ringing the bell of my house who had no etiquette of how to ring the door bell.

When I opened the door, I was confronted by a person who claimed to be the line man of WAPDA. Immediately after I opened the door the line man of WAPDA told me the shocking news that they had come to sever my electricity connection, as according to him the person living in the upper portion of my house had not paid his outstanding electricity bills that were due on him. This sounded too illogical to me as I had paid all of my electricity bills and I had no arrears of electricity charges due on me. Also both the upper portion and ground portion of my house,where I was living,had separate electricity meters. So I showed receipts of all of my previously paid bills to him. I was surprised and shocked when, after seeing the receipts of my paid bills, he told me that if the person living on the upper portion of my house did not deposit his electricity bills till 10 AM the next day, then both my electricity connection and that of the person living on the upper portion of my house would be severed. So I protested over this as to why my connection of electricity would be severed due to the nonpayment of bills by some other person, while I have my separate electricity meter. So why should I suffer due to the negligence of some other person. Hearing my protest the SDO WAPDA who was also sitting in the jeep parked near my house came out and told me that this is the policy of WAPDA.
Which resulted in a heated debate between me and him, as I was expecting him to be sensible as he claimed to be electrical engineer but he was also doing the same illogical reasoning? Meanwhile, when he was trying to impress upon his authority onto me by telling me that my electricity connection would be severed due to negligence of someone else, the line man suddenly realized that they had just come to the wrong house. The house they were looking for was two houses away from my house. To my surprise they were not apologetic over whatever inconvenience and mental torture that had caused me. They were behaving as if they had done some favor to me by subjecting me to this mental torture.
Despite heavy load-shedding and fleecing the people with soaring prices of electricity WAPDA is very poor in delivering its services to the consumers. To add insult to the injury the WAPDA officials always seem to be ready to torture people by their misdirected authority and hooliganism.
I think such illogical policies of WAPDA and below average intelligence of WAPDA officials are clearly a reflective of why Pakistan is having severe electricity crisis and shortfall even after more than 60 years of its creation. 

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