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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Water Terrorism of CDA Islamabad

Pakisani Goverenment and sometimes media speaks of water terrorism of India that India is violating Sind Tas Agreement of 1960 by building dams on water channels that,according to Sind Tas Agreement,have been assigned to Pakistan.since India and Pakistan are conventional rivals so in view of this conentional rivalry this water terrorism by Inida seems obvious.But I wonder why CDA Islamabad is doing water terrorism with residents of Islamabad by creating artifiical shortage of water supply during summer.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pakistani Politicians busy Looting and Plundering Pakistan

Pakistani Politicians busy Looting and Plundering Pakistan

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Perfectly Timed Photographs

Here are some perfectly timed photographs:

Pakistani Beaurocrats Are the Root Cause of All Troubles in Pakistan

Pakistani Bureaucrats,the so-called competent people who qualify competition exam and take pride in their authority and abuse of power,I think,are the root cause of all troubles in Pakistan.Corrupt bureaucrats  are actually the instrument of corruption that corrupt Pakistani politicians do.These government officials are those who not only play a key role in making state policies but are also vital in execution of those policies.Politicians cannot do corruption without support and involvement of evil bureaucrats.
Most of the high ranking bureaucrats are fond of three W's i.e. woman,wealth and wine acquired through unfair means to satiate their lust.Their motto seems to abuse power to pile up wealth and make money by unfair means.They don't  seem to believe in any moral values and ethics because unlike politicians they are not answerable to the people and media whom politicians have to face to come into power through elections.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Performance of Zardari's Govt during five years (2008-2013) as per PPP Jiyalas (Zealots)

Paindo Mehboob Ka Izhar-e-Muhabbat

Railway Engine Eating Monster

Ghulam Ahmad Bilour is Minister for Pakistan Railways.Before his taking charge of Pakistan Railways,this department was not only performing quite well but also it was prospering.But soon after his taking charge of Minsitry of Railways Pakistan,this department started declining very rapidly.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Height of False Propaganda against Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri

I am not a supporter of Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri,but I was really surprised to see how his opponents used photo-editing software to defame him.Here is a Photoshopped image of Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri in which his opponents have tried to portray him a Muslim Cleric who is loyal to the Pope of Christians.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Some Jokes on Pakistni Police

Pakistani Police is famous for its callousness,dishonesty,corruption and rudeness.Here are some jokes on Pakistani Police:

Professional and Academic Profile of the President of Young Doctors Association (YDA) Pakistan

These days,young doctors of Punjab are frequently on strike due to one reason or the other.Here is the brief description of professional profile of the President of Young Doctors Association (YDA) Pakistan:

Aaj Humein Khaney Mein Bakray ka Gosht Khanay Ko Milay Ga

Aik mazdoor shaam ko ghar aata hai to ussay sath walay ghar say ajeb si awazein sunai deti hain to woh apni biwi say khush ho ker kehta hai : begum lagta aaj humein raat ke khanein meni bakray ka gosht khaney ko milay ga.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Height of Blackmailing !

A beggar was sitting on the footpath with a placard held in his hand.The placard read :

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Good News for Pakistan - Freelancer has come to Pakistan is the world's largest outsourcing and freelancing marketplace,which empowers entrepreneurs & small businesses worldwide.It has over 7 million users and connects professionals globally which are specialized in a variety of fields like software development,writing,marketing,engineering and sciences.Through professionals skilled in a variety of fields may put their skills to work to make money online as per their capabilities and talents.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nonsense Behavior of Majority of the Shopkeepers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad

The majority of the shopkeepers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi sometimes show a very nonsense behavior.If you ever happen to go to any shop in Islamabad and Rawalpindi and you are looking for buying something that the shopkeeper either does not has in his stock or on display in his shop,there is a great possibility that he would react towards you in a very strange way to make you realize that either you are some alien or you are a rustic and illiterate person who has come to the city for the first time from some remote rural area of Pakistan where there does not exist any civilization.He would try to convince you that you should buy what he has in his shop instead. 

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