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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Does Pakistani Nation Really Deserve an Honest and Patriotic Leader?

Pakistan is a country that was created in the name of Islam for which millions of Muslim women, children and men sacrificed their lives while migrating from India to Pakistan, but, unfortunately, corrupt civil and military leadership, sectarianism, linguistic bigotry, and bad deeds and senselessness of the people of Pakistan have turned this country into a safe haven for criminals, traitors, thieves and looters.We as a Nation are very corrupt people, devoid of moral and ethical values which Islam lays a lot of emphasis on.
A common man has to suffer a lot almost on daily basis due to widespread corruption and lawlessness. Corruption and dishonesty can be observed in almost every walk of life in Pakistan. Almost every third person in this country is corrupt and dishonest.Pakistani society on the whole lacks humanity and tolerance.Countless examples may be quoted in this regard which reflect what sort of leadership this nation really deserves.Islam teaches us to be kind to our fellow human beings but Pakistani society seem to have totally ignored such moral values.Even most of the so-called educated people of our society do not seem to have effect of education on them.
We take pleasure in criticizing others,but we never bother to look at our own selves because while criticizing others every person thinks that he's just perfect and never likes to rectify his own flaws.If we want our Government to be good and patriotic then every person should play his role.Every person should perform his duties sincerely and should adopt good moral and ethical values which he expects from others.
Based upon the corruption and moral decline of Pakistani Society, and keeping in view the traits of democratic govt. it can be said that after sixty years, for the first time in the history of Pakistan, Pakistani people have elected a leadership, through elections of 18 Feb. 2008, that truly represents all the bad traits of Pakistani Nation.
 You cannot name even a single sector of Pakistani Society which is free of corruption and moral decline.If we analyze our society in depth,it would not be wrong to say that Pakistani Society has all those bad traits at the extreme level which were found in those nations who were demolished by the Fury of Allah.The crux of the matter is that if we aspire for a sincere and patriotic leader to rule over this country then we as a nation must rectify ourselves and adopt those moral values and ethics which Islam lays great emphasis on.

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