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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hooliganism of a Govt Official on the Road

Last month on Sunday,4 November 2012,I was travelling with my family by GT Road from Lahore to Rawalpindi.When I reached the Gujranwala city I took the bypass road to avoid  passing through the city of Gujranwala. When I reached near Alam Chowk (near Nawab Chowk) on bypass road,there was a severe traffic jam.There I had to wait for almost three hours for the traffic to move and have the road cleared of traffic rush.

During that traffic jam,when my car was on mud track along the side of the asphalt road, a government vehicle,white colored high-roof Toyota Hilux was right behind me.I was trying to turn right to get my car on the road,I had turned on the right indicator of my car,while the Hilux behind me was trying to go forward on the mud track after turning to left,but my car was badly stuck between a truck in front of me and the high-roof behind me.The so-called government official (who was perhaps officer while his driver was sitting behind in open air in Hilux ),was ferociously blowing horn and flashing the headlights of his car despite the fact that there was no room in front of my car to move forward my car to let his car pass to left side.After a minute or so while he was blowing horn and flashing the headlights of his car to get way from me, he sent his driver to see the clearance before my car,I told his driver that there was no room in front of my car to give way to the car of his mentally eccentric officer.The so-called government officer was getting mad with anger so he hit his car against the left side of my rear bumper and after breaking the rear bumper of my car and  scratching his car's body against the left side of my car he brought his car in parallel with my car and instead of feeling apologetic he started asserting hooliganism on me and said I had stuck my car wrongly,so he hit my car from behind as it was solely my fault not his.Actually he was doing hooliganism solely because of his position in some Government office and because of Government vehicle with blue rotating beacon light installed on the roof of his car.

Specifications of the high-roof Toyota Hilux are:

 1. Color : White

 2. Vehicle Type : High-roof Toyota Hilux

 3. Number : BMP (1)
 4. Roof Light : Blue Rotating Beacon Light 

Perhaps this is solely the third class attitude of perfectly third class Pakistani Bureaucracy that Pakistan is fast becoming a failed state.If these so called Government officials and bureaucrats were really competent then Pakistan had not been in such as bad shape.They only know how to do corruption and do hooliganism with common men.These bureaucrats are instruments of corruption and evil-doings of our corrupt politicians.These bureaucrats are mother of almost all evils in Pakistan.

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