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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Greedy Dog ;-)

Once there was a bhoonka kutta.
He was very bhoka.
He was phiring idher udher.
He looked the shop of chacha Boota Qassai.
He took one boti from there and bhaging speedo speedi.
When he guzra from naalay walay pul se
He saw one more kutta in pani .
He became very kutta and angry.
His soch was very kuttyan waali.
He tried to chheen the boti from dusra kutta by opening his bachhaan and barking,laikin he lost apni bhi boti...
Thus uss greedy Kuttay ke saath Very Kuttyan wali hui
Moral of Story:

Improve your English :-D

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