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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pakistani Beaurocrats Are the Root Cause of All Troubles in Pakistan

Pakistani Bureaucrats,the so-called competent people who qualify competition exam and take pride in their authority and abuse of power,I think,are the root cause of all troubles in Pakistan.Corrupt bureaucrats  are actually the instrument of corruption that corrupt Pakistani politicians do.These government officials are those who not only play a key role in making state policies but are also vital in execution of those policies.Politicians cannot do corruption without support and involvement of evil bureaucrats.
Most of the high ranking bureaucrats are fond of three W's i.e. woman,wealth and wine acquired through unfair means to satiate their lust.Their motto seems to abuse power to pile up wealth and make money by unfair means.They don't  seem to believe in any moral values and ethics because unlike politicians they are not answerable to the people and media whom politicians have to face to come into power through elections.
There is,I think,not a single Government department in Pakistan that is free of corruption and criminal minded people who are always ready to make money by unfair means.Although,I do not have any proof of what I am saying but this is what I and many other common people in this society have not only observed but also have to face my problems in daily life. 
Pakistani bureaucracy is a legacy of British colonial rule over subcontinent of India.Pakistan has continued this system of British colonial bureaucracy with some amendments.British colonial rulers of subcontinent if India had developed this system of bureaucracy to exploit,suppress and rule over the natives of subcontinent of India to prolong and strengthen their rule over India.

The sorry state of government offices and departments in Pakistan is a proof enough to establish the incompetence,dishonesty and cheapness of Pakistani bureaucrats.They play a pivotal role in promoting corruption and red tape culture to develop and patronize a network of corrupt government officials to make money by unfair means.
Majority of Pakistani bureaucrats have no moral values and they believe in no religion and no ethiics;they may be compared to prostitutes who can go to any length and cross all limits to satiate their lust for power,money and sensual pleasures.Pakistani bureaucrats are scum on the face of the earth.If we want to rectify the whole government machinery we need to first set these black sheep right who are champions of corruption and red tape culture in government offices.

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