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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nonsense Behavior of Majority of the Shopkeepers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad

The majority of the shopkeepers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi sometimes show a very nonsense behavior.If you ever happen to go to any shop in Islamabad and Rawalpindi and you are looking for buying something that the shopkeeper either does not has in his stock or on display in his shop,there is a great possibility that he would react towards you in a very strange way to make you realize that either you are some alien or you are a rustic and illiterate person who has come to the city for the first time from some remote rural area of Pakistan where there does not exist any civilization.He would try to convince you that you should buy what he has in his shop instead. 
If you try to argue with him that the item or product you are looking for is available either at some other shop in the same city or at some other shop in any other city,he would take it very ill and would try to impress upon you that you have no sense of what you are looking for and what you are looking for has never been in existence and you are not in your senses.If you try argue with him further, he would not only get rude with you and would start quarreling with you that you should talk sense and should not insist on buying which does not exist any where neither in Pakistan nor outside Pakistan.
I simply cannot figure out why does a shopkeeper feel so desperate and irritated on this matter.As a matter of principle,if any item or product the customer is looking for is not in the stock or on display in any shop ,the owner of that shop or salesperson in that shop should generously accept it that he does not has that item in his shop.In this matter,there is nothing for that shopkeeper to feel ashamed of.It is supposed to be a universally acceptable rule of marketing that the shopkeeper should behave nicely and politely with his customers perhaps shopkeepers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad,on the whole, are very poor in moral ethics and in their dealings with their customers.It seems like we as a society lack tolerance and are poor in moral ethics.

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