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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Water Terrorism of CDA Islamabad

Pakisani Goverenment and sometimes media speaks of water terrorism of India that India is violating Sind Tas Agreement of 1960 by building dams on water channels that,according to Sind Tas Agreement,have been assigned to Pakistan.since India and Pakistan are conventional rivals so in view of this conentional rivalry this water terrorism by Inida seems obvious.But I wonder why CDA Islamabad is doing water terrorism with residents of Islamabad by creating artifiical shortage of water supply during summer.
As soon as the summer season sets in,CDA Islamabad creates shortage of water supply in Islamabad.Water Tankers of CDA roam around in streets of Islamabad to deliver water to  those houses whose residents either have personal connections with CDA officials or those who are lucky enough to afford to pay the cost of water tanker hired unofficially through personal connections with CDA officials.
 On the average,a private water tanker,charges RS. 2000 to 2500 for one time delivery of water to any house in Islambad.This artificial shortage of water created by CDA has flourished the business of private water tanker delivery service in Islamabad.
Once in summer season of 2010,I needed a water tanker delivery at my home in I-10/2.The nearest CDA water tanker delivery point is near I-9 Markaz.When I went to that office of CDA in I-9 and talked   to the clerk on duty,almost at 8:30 PM,he told me that there is no time slot available to register my complaint to deliver water at my home,so if I wanted to get my complaint registered for water delivery I would have to come to that office any time between 3AM to 5AM early in the morning.I was surprised to learn about the time span for getting your complaint registered,so I just left the office without arguing with him as it was obvious that the sole purpose of setting suchh time span for getting complaints registered is to torture and tease a common man.When I came out of the office I saw three CDA tankers parked outside that office with drivers sitting in them.I talked to the drivers of those three tankers one by one,one of those drivers agreed to deliver water at my home on his own by charging 700 hundred rupees.As I was having acute shortage of water at my home so I agreed to pay him 700 rupees.To my great surprise,just about after half an hour or so water tanker was outside my home to deliver water.I am experiencing this acute shortage of water in I-10/2 since Januray 2009.
Water tankers of CDA roam around in the streets of Islamabad like target killers and gangsters would roam around on the roads of Karachi.Manay a time water tankers of CDA have broken down my cable tv cable eitther by drietcly hitting the cable with extenions of driver cabin or by hitting the pole fixed on the wall of my house that has both electricity and cable tv cable attached to it.
It seems like either CDA officials in general and Chairman CDA in particular are spiritual followers of Yazeed or simply Chairman CDA is a corrupt,incompetent and criminal minded person who believes in making money by unfair means.

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