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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Good News for Pakistan - Freelancer has come to Pakistan is the world's largest outsourcing and freelancing marketplace,which empowers entrepreneurs & small businesses worldwide.It has over 7 million users and connects professionals globally which are specialized in a variety of fields like software development,writing,marketing,engineering and sciences.Through professionals skilled in a variety of fields may put their skills to work to make money online as per their capabilities and talents.

Pakistan has over 30 million internet users and this number is growing day by day.Pakistan is one of the largest freelancing communities in the world.Amidst all the economic decline and deteriorating law and order situation in Pakistan,it is quite pleasing to learn that has launched its operations in Pakistan.Yesterday on 5th March 2013, has launched in Karachi,Pakistan.
The launch of is a a big step towards opening new avenues to the professionals in Pakistan who are interested in self-employment and entrepreneurship.with the boom in internet in Pakistan the number of such professional which are aspriring to be self-employed by making money online is on the rise which has shown a surge from 33.3% to 39.9% during the last three years.This latest development by will prove very helpful in improving Pakistan's economy and living standard of the people of Pakistan by creating employment opportunities for Pakistani professionals.

Sources : heraldonline,thenews

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